FAQ Sell

  1. Which articles can I sell via parfumbazar.de?

    On parfumbazar.de we only accept original perfumes and cosmetics. You can only offer articles for sale which are already available in our product portfolio. In exceptional cases, we also accept deviating articles.

    In any case, the articles should be in good condition and suitable for resale. Our quality control will decide whether your article will be accepted and included in our assortment or not. Any signs of use and/or damage should be mentioned in the description.

    Due to different customs regulations, sales are only possible from EU countries.

  2. How can I best determine my selling price?

    When determining your selling price, you should consider what you would like to have and whether this price is realistic. The following are the criteria for determining the price: the popularity of the brand, the general demand, the age, the condition of the item and the type of item.

    Please keep in mind that users on parfumbazar.de are generally well informed. If the price is set too high, it can act as a deterrent and result in your item not being sold.

    In order to help you with the selling price, our experts always look over your prices before the items are put on sale. If these are set too high or too low, you will receive a mail with our counterproposal from us. Here you can decide for yourself whether you want to accept the price suggested by us or not.

  3. Can I change the selling price again later?

    You can reduce the selling price at any time, but not increase it. Price reductions are possible free of charge at any time, but please note that a reduction will also reduce your revenue.

    Please check regularly whether the prices of your articles still fit. Especially if your articles have been on sale for a longer time and are not selling, you should reduce the prices.

  4. What is the best way to photograph my item?

    We recommend taking photos in daylight or with sufficient artificial light and a monochrome background. Bright walls, doors or floors are particularly suitable. With a bright product, you should choose a darker, more contrasting background.

    Show the natural shape of the article and make sure that as few reflections as possible are produced when taking photographs.

  5. What is the best way to describe my article?

    Your description should include all the essential information, features and details that can be seen. Do you have certificates of authenticity, receipts or packaging such as boxes? Then name it - this increases the attractiveness of the article. Any conspicuous traces of use or error descriptions must also be mentioned in the description.

  6. Where do I send my article(s)?

    We will send you an already paid shipping label by e-mail. Simply stick this on your parcel and hand it in at one of the many DHL branches, parcel shops or parcel stations in your area. We'll take care of the rest.

  7. What proof of authenticity can I include with my item?

    As proofs of authenticity and quality, you can enclose receipts, certificates of authenticity and original packaging and highlight them in the description - these can increase the attractiveness of your item. However, for insurance reasons, please keep a copy of the receipt with you until you have received your payment.

  8. When will my item be available for sale online?

    We will check your data and put the item on sale as soon as possible. As a rule, your self-adjusted item will be online within 3 days.

  9. How fast do my articles sell?

    That cannot be said in general terms. The sales chances depend very much on the brand or the product condition. Besides the condition of your article plays an important role.

  10. How long have my articles been on sale at parfumbazar.de and what happens to my articles that have not been sold?

    Items that you have sent to us for sale are stored until further notice. If you wish to reclaim your items here before the 12 month period has expired, you will still have to pay the concierge fees per item. After 12 months, you can reclaim your items free of charge. However, if the price has not been reduced within the first 8 months after completion of the sales order, you will also be charged the concierge fees for the return shipment after 12 months.

  11. When I have sold my item how will I reveive the money and when?

    As soon as the sale has been completed, i.e. the item has been shipped to the buyer, you will receive your proceeds from parfumbazar.de credited to your bank account. We transfer the sales revenue once a week.

  12. How is my sales revenue calculated and what is the sales commission for?

    Your revenue is calculated from the selling price minus our staggered commission, which is calculated depending on the selling price.

    parfumbazar.de offers a high-quality marketplace for the private purchase and sale of beauty products. Through marketing and topic-related content, we ensure a high number of visitors to our site, which offers you as a seller a large customer base for your item. When you sell items through parfumbazar.de, we also incur costs in checking the item information provided, processing your item photos, quality control and shipping your items when they are purchased. Our team of experts checks the authenticity and quality of all items. We take over the shipping costs for you, we store your articles carefully and send them after purchase in a high-quality packaging to the buyer.

    All of this generates costs, which we cover through the sales commission.

  13. Can I edit my item data, add more photos or change them after posting?

    No, you can't change your item data or add any more pictures after the listing. In urgent cases, however, you can contact our customer service by e-mail - your colleagues can still make changes after the sales order has been completed and will be happy to help you.

    An exception is the selling price. You can also reduce this price after the listing, but not increase it.

  14. What happens if my item is rejected by parfumbazar.de?

    If you have listed an item that we cannot include in our range, we will return it to you for a fee if it is rejected.

    But there is one important exception: if an article is a clear plagiarism, we charge a handling fee of 80 € for articles with a selling price of up to 500 €.